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Marine Security Barrier

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Stops unauthorized waterborne entry !


Security for Ports, Marinas, Shipyards, Dams, Power Plants, Naval Stations and More !


Armorfloat™ Marine Security Barriers are the latest in modular floating barricades from the developers of the original Tuffloat log booms for applications requiring a level of security above our state-of-the-art Armorfloat™ Waterway Barriers. 

These durable 46" diameter and 120" long floating barrier modules are easily anchored and coupled together providing an aggressive small craft anti-intrusion barricade between your waterborne assets, facilities, or restricted areas and the potential intruder or curious public you want to keep out. Designed to resist most watercraft, these boat barriers are more then capable of stopping the casual errant boater and present those intent on doing harm with a serious obstacle.

In today's world of anti-terrorism, force protection, and increased security requirements the Armorfloat™ Marine Security Barrier is a practical means to channel traffic and visibly delineate secure areas around water based facilities such as dams, power plants, water intakes, marinas, ports, shipyards, and military installations.

Based on our proven Armorfloat™ Waterway Barriers, we've scaled up the components and developed an all new profile designed to direct and absorb impact energy while handling severe marine conditions. High strength Armorfloat™ Marine Security Barriers are highly visible, unsinkable, impact, corrosion, and UV resistant assuring a long life installation and waterside security for your assets, facilities, and personnel.

The patented composite construction of our Armorfloat™ Marine Security Barrier incorporates innovative design, premium marine friendly materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, and over a decade of development to assure superior performance. We are the only manufacture to offer a one-piece floatation body permanently molded-on to a full length stainless steel strength member making our system the most effective available.

Superior to the rope-and-float, floating fence, and floating wall barriers that are bolted and glued together assemblies of inferior materials our product offers a cost effective and user friendly solution to your marine security needs. Let us prove to you how our product is truly the best security value afloat.

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Provides an aggressive line of demarcation !


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